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What is Drumroom?

Drumroom is a web-based tool that makes teaching drums easy and fun. Pairs perfectly with teaching methods already in use. It’s not a new “system” or philosophy.

Drumroom Provides


Can be easily used by teachers and students in a variety of ways:

  • Print
  • iPad
  • Laptop
  • Second monitor
  • Projected on screen
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Drumroom allows teachers to tailor customized beats to the level of each individual student allowing them to play independently by the end of their first lesson.


Students and teachers are looking at the same material. Teachers can bring focus to different elements of the music through colors and graphical instrument representation. When students practice at home, they can both see and hear the lessons, ensuring they don’t practice incorrectly.


Organize lessons and material in your own way: by artist, student, complexity, or however you best see fit! Can be shared with students in-person or remotely. No more “I forgot my notebook at home.”

Drumroom In Practice

Private Lessons
  • Quickly transcribe a beat or utilize a beat from your saved library
  • Change a beat throughout the lesson: adjust tempo, isolate specific drums, increase or reduce complexity as needed
  • Share printout or link to material with student at end of lesson
Group Classes
  • Project Drumroom on the screen, allowing the entire class to share in the visual, auditory and interactive experience simultaneously
  • Capture group focus and explain concepts efficiently to entire class
  • Share beats in group folders to student accounts
Remote Lessons
  • Dynamically edit beats over a shared screen
  • Local playback with zero remote lag
  • Easy to share links for each lesson
In the Classroom
  • Engage entire classrooms at once
  • Distribute lessons directly to student’s computers or on paper
  • Perfect for teaching rhythm to all instrumentalists, not just drummers!

Drumroom Overview

Beginner and Advanced

Multiple measures, open hi-hat, toms, ghost notes, accents, rim clicks

Customizable and Built in Beat Library

Transcribe or create beats, exercises and save them to your own custom folders.
The built-in beat library houses creative beats and exercises, updated on a regular basis by the Drumroom team, to add to your teaching and playing repertoire.

Share Beats Directly to Student Accounts

Click to share practice assignments, beats, song links, add practice comments, manage and track your students through Drumroom accounts.
Students can share their own beats and transcriptions with their teacher.

Playback Controls with Live Teaching Tools

Instrument grid, notes by color, metronome, toms, looping, audio playback, count-in, alternate playback, isolation tool, tap button, printing etc.